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Spring in Melbourne is notorious amongst allergy sufferers for its taxing  hayfever symptoms.  Melbourne's changeable weather commonly sees an influx of clients requiring treatment.

Visit Vita for fast and effective relief from sneezing,  a runny nose, itchy eyes, fatigue and headaches – with the following tools at hand we ensure that you’ll get the right treatment for your symptoms.

Nature’s immediate symptom relievers - Our homoeopathic remedies offer natural instant relief from symptoms.  These are also safe to use in pregnancy & breastfeeding, children and the elderly.

Nature’s anti-histamine - Vitamin C & bioflavonoids prevent secretion of histamine thereby reducing allergic reactions which reduces inflammation & mucous production.

Nature’s anti-catarrhal - Golden Seal, Eyebright and Golden Rod reduce excessive mucous secretions putting an end to that constant runny nose.

Nature’s immune enhancer - Echinacea corrects immune imbalances and has a strong anti-allergy action thereby reducing your sensitivity to hayfever triggers like dust, pollens & grasses.

So call us on 9650 0734 to speak with one of our naturopaths or book online to make your appointment today!