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Cold & Flu Season

Cold symptoms affect each of us differently but if you are tired of the runny nose, the niggle in your throat, the annoying cough or a cold that never seems to develop, we are here to help.


Come and see us at Vita, where we can strengthen your immune system and provide a kit of essentials to get you through the winter!


Nature can provide us with everything we need to both treat and prevent colds and flu including:


Natureís sudafed- PCIP which clears congestion, reduces phlegm, and often stops a cold from developing.

Natureís antibiotic- Garlic is a potent antibacterial herb which treats infection, clears the sinuses and relaxes coughs. Donít worry we have a strong odourless tablet so you donít need to eat it raw for its beneficial effects!

Natureís cold & flu tablets- Andrographis - a wonderful herb that both increases immunity and treats cold and fluís.

Nothing from the pharmacy can achieve that!


Plus the absolute winter saviour Ö. Herbal Throat Spray. It brings instant relief to anything from a slight scratching in the throat to constant pain.

This spray is also helpful in soothing the pain of mouth ulcers and tonsillitis.


So come and visit us, and get in early before cold and flu season gets the better of you!  Call 9650 0734 to speak with one of our naturopaths or book online for an appointment!