Melbourne’s Acclaimed Naturopathy - 2015

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Josie Ceniti, Naturopath  BHSc (Naturopathy), Dip Herbal Med & Nutrition, ATMS accredited member

josie 2017Josie is a friendly, well grounded and compassionate naturopath who adopts a traditional naturopathic style in her practice.  She has successfully managed her Melbourne practice for more than 15 years and is known for her ability to establish a rapport with each client by taking the time to listen to them and effectively tailoring treatments to the individual. 

Josie's job is a fulfilling one, knowing that she is able to help educate her clients about their body and the way that it functions, to shed some light as to why symptoms have come about and explain how natural medicine strategies can help to support the body and restore it to health.

Today Josie's practice thrives mainly on word of mouth.  Her clients appreciate her realistic approach to healthcare and honesty in her manner of treatment.  She continues to work closely with Melbourne's corporate community in health education by means of expos, presentations and on site treatments and in her clinic specialises in digestive complaints including irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO and unresolved digestive issues, immunity, chronic fatigue syndrome, fertility and women & children's health.

If you'd like to know if Josie can help you, email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it