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Corporate Health

Vita is a well recognized city practice of more than 10 years with established health partnerships amongst various prominent city-based corporations, from small not-for-profits such as Oxfam to large global corporations including BHP Billiton.


Corporate Health Partners

Vita’s corporate health partnership has been specifically designed to reward your staff and to acknowledge the value that we hold in your custom and its pivotal role to the overall success of our practice.

What can Vita offer your business?

  1. Increased work productivity from your staff
  2. Improved staff morale
  3. A reduction in the number of sick days & stress leave taken
  4. A positive and energetic work environment

How can we achieve this?

  1. Vita would be pleased to offer your staff an exclusive discount across all of our health services
  2. Our range of services includes naturopathy, osteopathy, myotherapy, remedial massage, psychology, reiki and ear candling
  3. Making use of one or more of these services will improve the overall health status of your staff - notably increasing energy, well being and vitality
  4. Our services help to reduce stress, improve concentration and support immunity

Individualised dietary advice educates your staff in making appropriate food choices thus reducing brain fatigue and promoting productivity at work


Mini Health Expos & Corporate Presentations

Vita’s onsite mini health expos offer an opportunity for corporate clients to meet our experienced practitioners and sample our range of services.  They are often used as a morning tea or lunch event and incorporate 5-10 minute massage consultations, osteopathic assessments, iridology and dietary evaluations.

Our Corporate Presentations can be tailored to the needs of the organisation.  Common health topics include Work Life and Balance and  Maintaining a Balanced Diet whilst at Work.


Whatever your needs, Vita’s comprehensive range of health services will help your staff realize their health goals in a friendly, realistic and professional environment. Our team of practitioners will work with your staff to treat and improve a wide range of health concerns.  Call Vita today and let us tailor a healthcare solution to best meet your needs.